• é | Interview with Bella Falconi
    Need some New Year's fit-spiration? We've got it!

    The New Year is the perfect time to get started on that body you’ve always wanted, but in all the chaos of life, it can be hard to get (and

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  • é | Interview with Sensazão
    We sat down with the team behind Sensazão, a dance fitness group with a latin heartbeat...

    Sensazão is a high energy dance fitness group based in the Washington D.C. area. They offer a range of classes, which can fit into any lifestyle. Using “powerful choreography set to

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  • é | Emjay Anthony
    An inside look at Jon Favreau's Chef with Emjay Anthony

    When I walked into the theater to see Jon Favreau’s newest film, Chef, I had no idea what to expect. My dad, who recommended it, told me that it was

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  • é | Kiki Melendez
    éxclusive Interview with the Creator of Journey of a Female Comic

    é: What was it like to be a part of AMC’s Independent Program? Kiki: The AMC Independent Program is truly an amazing program. They treated me with so much respect;

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  • é | Javier Colon
    éxclusive Interview w/ Season 1 Winner of NBC's The Voice

    You may know him from his phenomenal talent and engaging performances during Season 1 of The Voice, but when we got a chance to talk with Javier Colon we quickly

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  • é | The Death of Lolita
    éxclusive interview w/ Bronx Play Writer Angelica Rosa

    Get ready folks, because there’s a new story in town that’s going to rock you off your feet. “The Death of Lolita” by Angelica Rosa promises an engaging mystery for

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  • é | Kat Dahlia
    éxclusive Interview with Kat Dahlia

    Kat Dahlia is a firecracker. Known for wielding her voice “as a weapon” the Cuban-American singer-songwriter is hitting the charts strong this year, first with her hit single, “Crazy” and

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  • é | Baby Rasta y Gringo
    éxclusive interview w/ Baby Rasta y Gringo

    Hot off the charts comes the new hit single from Baby Rasta and Gringo, Amor Prohibido, about forbidden love and longing. It’s sure to be a hit with anyone who’s

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  • é | M. Tony Peralta
    éxclusive interview w/ Artist, M. Tony Peralta

    Born in Washington Heights to Dominican immigrants, M. Tony Peralta has gone from a teenaged graphic designer selling his art on T-shirts to make some extra money to being a

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  • é | Alexander Sabor Mio
    exclusive interview w/ Alexander Sabor Mio

    Born in Trinidad, Alexander, the Urban Tropical artist, has a long history with music. But it wasn’t until fate brought him to Miami that he was able to conquer new

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