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Zoé's new album, Revisitado is a hit!


Latin Grammy award-winning Mexican rock band, Zoé’s, new album will leave you breathless. Revisitado, returns to Zoé’s previous album, Programaton, a huge success that was able to sell over 100k units in Mexico, alone, and has also landed Zoé over 120 shows between the U.S., Spain, South America, the U.K., and Mexico. Since Programaton was such a huge hit, a revisited album version was sure to be one, too.

After collaborating with talented producers, musicians, and DJs, Zoé divided Programaton Revisitado into 2 separate volumes, releasing the first one on June 2nd. This new album includes 12 tracks, accompanied by a unique pseudo-video for each one, adding onto the exciting music experience.

It’s a good thing there’s a second half to the album, because the first half will only leave you wanting more!

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