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Hello there, Latin é readers! I hope everyone affected by Hurricane Sandy is recovering nicely and looking forward into a stronger and better future after all the devastation. Now, let’s get back into our regular programming and bring you more tips and ideas on dressing your body type.

Today, I’ll be giving tips out for Latinas with a rectangular body. This type of body is small framed and has no or little waistline definition and small hips. We’ll take the striking blonde with Cuban decent Cameron Diaz to inspire us today.

There are five elements when dressing up that you should have in mind. The first one is to create curves. You can do this with scoop neck and sweetheart tops, a belted waist and details like collars and ruffles. Next, go for long and lean outerwear that emphasize your narrow shape. Also, think of adding layers to your ensembles to create dimension and volume. Fourth, don’t forget the bra! The right bra will add curves and make you look more voluptuous. Lastly, pants and skirts are all your friends, have in mind that the fit most be right and ones that hug your body will aid you in creating the illusion of more curves.


Here are some pieces to add to your wardrobe:




Hope you find useful tips and pieces to dress your body with confidence! Be sure to check out my blog, Haute Cocktail and online store Cherries and Olives .

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