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Trust us, you've never heard anything like this... These are NOT your typical Saints...


Just like the title of this post, Domino Saints aren’t your typical “saints.” The amazing bilingual pop duo that hails from the beautiful island of Puerto Rico makes music that will have you dancing in an instant.

I listened to their EPK and some of their songs on YouTube, and they were all captivating, but I have to say that my favorites song was definitely, “Tesoro.” This song has great reggae, reggaeton, and urban pop beats that will be stuck in your head from the moment you listen to it. After the first ten seconds my arms were already up in the air.

The EPK explains a bit about the Domino Saints’ background and their musical style. The music they grew up with, and everything that goes with being from Puerto Rico, has influenced their artistic style. They have this “Latin flow” that doesn’t come naturally to just anyone. They make music for the Latinos in the U.S. now, which explains why they chose to make their music bilingual (something we love to see at Latin é).

Domino SaintsDomino Saints started as a small band who made an EP that changed everything. Before they knew it, they had an iTunes Single of the Week and were headed back to Puerto Rico to develop their sound. Domino Saints are a band for the American Latino because like many of us, who are bilingual, they make music in both languages we love. We like to listen to hip-hop and bachata, we like tacos and empanadas and grilled cheese and asparagus (well some of us at least). My point is, we are eclectic people made up of an amalgamation of cultures, so it is only fair that we like music that is eclectic too. Something that Domino Saints relates, and caters, to.

They started to travel a lot in 2011 when their careers took off and signed with Universal Music Latino. Like many artists, they express what they feel through their music. They describe their music as sincere, sensual, fun, something intimate, all coming from the corazón. Once they moved to Miami, Florida their eyes were opened to what it meant to truly go international. This great city is going through a renaissance and has a lot to offer people of all cultures. These natural born performers said, “the country is changing, the world is changing,” and I couldn’t agree more. I can’t wait to see what lays ahead for this talented duo; they are on to great things.

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