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Jesse Medeles is on his way to being the NEXT BIG THING in Latin music. With his sweet vocals and moving lyrics, he’s become the newcomer to watch after the release of his first hit single, Sucia. The anticipation is building as he gears up to take 2016 by storm, and we can’t wait to see how far he goes!

What’s been the most exciting thing about getting your single out there?

Seeing my visions and my dreams come to LIFE, and being able to share them with the world. I’m grateful that it’s who I am 100%.

You grew up in Laredo, Texas, as a Texan myself I’m partial to my home state. What did you like most about your upbringing? Do you draw any of your inspiration from your experiences as a child? 

I loved being raised by my Grandma and Grandpa (mis abuelitos). My grandma is everything to me (my true mother) – without her I don’t know what would have become of me.

I loved growing up Tejano. Especially the unique and authentic food you can eat only in Texas. The carne asadas, chicharrones de marano, menudo, & tamales, hahahah. 

Yes, I draw music from my childhood.  The music corridors quiencenieras… hahah… you know what I’m talking about… What I loved about my upbringing was that nothing was ever given to me.  I had to work hard with sweat and tears to earn anything. It taught me how to be a warrior in life, and to make the “impossible” into “POSSIBLE”. 

What was going on tour and opening for Ana Barbara, Ivy Queen, and Belanova like? IMG_3404-Edit

I was living my passion being on the stages and opening up for Ana Barabara & Ivy queen.  They are AMAZING and very beautiful, ICONIC women who have great hearts.  As a Latino coming from the impossible, I’m grateful for those opportunities, and sharing stages with Belanova on the California Pride tour was magical. 

 Who would you most like to collaborate with in the future? 

I’d love to collaborate with Missy Elliott. She’s very unique. Also, J Balvin & J Alvarez have some cool and unique sounds, which would make collaborating with them something magical.

Can you tell us more about your recording process? 

Usually, J2 and I workout together in the morning, brain-storming ideas and melodies as we are at the gym.  We go back and forth with melody ideas and lyrics, and then head off to the studio, where we song-write and record ideas.  Our chemistry in the studio is magical.  My producer, J2 aka Jay Singh, is Indian from the UK and I’m Latino.  When we mix the cultures we create a worldwide style that is beautiful.  That is the unique sound you hear in my music; Latin rhythms with Indian fusion.  We’re like brothers. As an artist, I like to be involved in all whole process, musically, because I pride myself in being a perfectionist.  It’s important to me that anything I put out musically is 100% JESSE. That is something that my fans and supporters will always get from me: 100%.

Do you have any advice for young aspiring artists? 

Yes. Live your passion, Have Faith, and Believe. Never give up! Everyone is born a Star. It’s about finding the star within you.

What’s upcoming for you this year? Anything exciting you’d like to share with us? 

I’m excited to release my 2nd single, entitled Amor… We have already begun production on the music video.  I’m also excited to finish my EP this year.  I’m looking forward the film “Dirty Lies,” where I play Del, one of the lead roles. 

I’m excited to stay focused and determined for all future projects to come in 2016!

Just for fun, what’s currently on your playlist?  

Tejano, Reggeaton, & world music. 

Thank you so much, Jesse! We can’t wait to be apart of your incredible 2016 projects! 


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Click to watch the Latin é Original Horror short film.

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