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Daddy Yankee and Don Omar takes center stage at the Billboard Latin Music Conference, Clash of Titans.


Get ready for the reunion of a lifetime! One you won’t want to miss and most definitely a must see…

It’s the epic showdown between two of Latin music most well known respected artists and legends in the industry. Daddy Yankee and Don Omar face off at the Billboard Latin Music Conference in Miami. This event is aimed towards the artist’s two-year international tour and a chance for their 70 million social media followers and worldwide fans to get a glimpse of past and upcoming projects for both artists.

The Kingdom: Daddy Yankee vs. Don Omar Tour started in Puerto Rico, their homeland and birthplace of reggaeton and will continue on US stage in July. This is history in the making for both fans and the artists! Don Omar and Daddy Yankee, long time rivals and reggaetoneros is finally giving fans the long awaited confrontation between the two.

Platinum recording artist and actor, Don Omar sang in church as a child. He had is first public performance in a nightclub, soon after which he began making appearances on album by DJs and Producers. He was also a backup singer and did not receive fame until the release of his first album, The Last Don. The artist has work with many artists, made hits and receive numerous awards during is career.

Singer songwriter, producer and actor Daddy Yankee made is first appearance in 1992 on the DJ Playero’s Mixtape. The artist dream was to become a professional Baseball Player but due to a tragic incident, the artist was force to peruse a career in the music industry. Daddy Yankee as worked and produced with artist all over the world from reggae to reggaeton and more.

Both artists have seen enormous success over the years and they continue to make history even today. Look out for the kings of reggaeton on tour and let us know your thoughts.

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Click to watch the Latin é Original Horror short film.

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