• Music | Ginza Music Video
    J Balvin’s music video for his song, Ginza, is unstoppable!

    When you mix dance beats with urban swing, you get J Balvin’s hit song, Ginza. Ginza has been raging all over radio stations for its original sound and accumulating millions

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  • Music | Vive
    José María Napoleón’s, Vive, is an absolute musical gem!

    Sit back, relax, and prepare to be amazed as “el poeta de la canción”, José María Napoleón, is bringing an unprecedented musical gem to the table–a live concert CD and

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  • Music | Ginza is #1 in Mexico
    J Balvin’s song, Ginza, isn’t going anywhere but up in Mexico!

    Colombian singer and songwriter, J Balvin, is still on top with his latest hit, Ginza. Although Balvin is a relatively new artist in Latin music, him and his song are

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  • Music | Eternamente Mexicano
    El Bebeto’s new album, Eternamente Mexicano, is now available!

    Check out El Bebeto’s 2015 Album, Eternamente Mexicano! The album was made available to Mexico and the United States on August 28th and we couldn’t be more excited. Eternamente Mexicano

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  • Music | Te Cambio El Domicilio Music Video
    Banda Carnaval’s music video, Te Cambio El Domicilio, will leave you wanting more!

    You know it’s love at first sight when you see someone and you just can’t help but feel like the wind was knocked right out of you, like your knees

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  • Music | Estoy Con Otro En La Cama Music Video
    Los Horóscopos de Durango’s music video for Estoy Con Otro En La Cama is irresistible!

    The Estoy Con Otro En La Cama music video is like the perfect description of what you would expect to happen during one of those nights. Think getting all dressed

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  • Music | Por Si No Recuerdas
    Los Sebastianes’ single, Por Si No Recuerdas, will melt your heart!

    Los Sebastianes’ album, Indeleble, is soon to be released and has definitely gained the attention of many romantics. Of the album is the release of their latest song, Por Si

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  • Music | ¿Por Qué Me Ilusionaste? is #1 on iTunes
    Remmy Valenzuela’s new single, ¿Por Qué Me Ilusionaste?, is on top!

    Remmy Valenzuela’s new single, ¿Por Qué Me Ilusionaste?, promised to be a hit–and it most certainly is! The song, which is about literally being blinded by love, reached out to

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  • Music | Animal ft. Bachata Heightz Lyric Video
    Naturale’s music video, Animal featuring Bachata Heightz, has the power to break hearts!

    Be warned…Naturale’s Animal featuring Bachata Heightz isn’t for the weak-hearted. The music video has the power to strike you so deep, it’s as though lightning coursed through your body. Animal

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  • Music | Te Cambio El Domicilio
    Banda Carnaval’s new single is the perfect song for everybody!

    Banda Carnaval’s, Te Cambio El Domicilio, will share the story that will warm the hearts of many. The song portrays the modern, yet traditional love story that people easily identify

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