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Amanda Mena's new music video for Alma Gemela is worth watching twice...

Amanda Mena Alma Gemela

Amanda Mena is may be young in age, but her voice is anything but. With vocal chords that’ll make you take a step back and think, Whoa, this girl is amazing, Amanda’s new music video, proves that young people in the world still have something to say. Alma Gemela is heartfelt, moving, and melodically sound, and Mena hits all of the notes with artful precision. While it is a strange sensation to watch someone so young sing about something as mature as soulmates, Mena won me over with her honesty, charm, and grace. This is one artist to watch, because this girl is bound to greatness – a song like Alma Gemela is just one way in which she’s showing the world exactly who she is and what’s she made of.

Check her out now, and spread the world: Amanda Mena is swimming with the big fish, and she sure is making a splash!

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